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Working Together

Here are some things I can help with:

  • The Usage of Behavior Assessments as part of Team Building, Dynamic Onboarding, Coaching, and Leadership Development. I’ve been trained and certified by Gallup, DDI, and TTI, which makes me a trusted partner and provider. 

  • Dynamic Onboarding & Training Experiences.
    Employee time is precious, and dollars must stretch. Bringing together the two with memorable, purposeful, and ‘sticky’ experiences is both art and science. I will work with organization leaders and managers to create programs that reflect the proclaimed values and mission, while meeting the engagement needs of employees. This is typically a project-based offering, providing the client with opportunities for stakeholder feedback and options for DIY sustainable programs.

  • Thoughtful Facilitation.
    Sometimes, it takes an outsider to help foster the space for brave conversations. As Founder of Brave Women Project, and co-author of For She Who Grieves: Practical Wisdom for Living Hope; I help groups, teams, and organizations have the important conversations in the context of psychologically safe environments. Facilitation works best in the context of trusted relationships, so this would be another one of those project based offerings.

What do you get when you work with me?

A lot of heart. Passion. Care. Integrity.

I’ve been known to say, “If you live your life according to your values, you will always have the life you deserve.” It’s true, and I’ve been coaching my clients in this for years. 
I try to live a life that is integrated - business is personal, and people matter.

Here are what my peers and clients have said:

"Holly brings an energy that is magnetic. Her knowledge of strengths and how to maximize them for the greatest impact is the best I've ever seen. She is able to keep the attention of her students and ignite the fire and passion within them. Holly is encouraging yet firm. She has a way of holding you accountable that is just enough discomfort that drives you to greatness. If you are looking to unlock your true potential, overcome imposter syndrome and be supported by one of life's greatest cheerleaders, Holly is your best choice." 

"Holly provided me with an insightful and accurate description of my personality assessment. She did an excellent job of giving me context and methods to leverage my personality strengths while working to improve other areas. She was warm and personable and I strongly recommend working with her."

"Holly is an amazing and inspiring woman who I have been lucky enough to have as a mentor. She has helped me fine tune my interview skills, modify my resume, and create a portfolio. We met over the course of a few months to discuss businesses that I was applying to and how to approach different scenarios that could potentially arise. She also never failed to challenge me to become a better business woman and to look at different approaches throughout the entire time we worked together. Overall I had a wonderful experience working with Holly!"

"In the time that I have known Hollly, she has demonstrated a near constant dedication to helping clients, colleagues, and friends achieve their goals, even when they’re not sure what they are. Holly has an inate sense of people’s strengths and potential, then provides them opportunities to leverage them. And she does it all with a smile on her face. I would highly recommend Holly without hesitation."

Read more of these public testimonials and recommendations here.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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