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I'm NOT Busy with Brave Women Project Founder Holly Mcllwain
Mj Callaway

I'm NOT Busy with Brave Women Project Founder Holly Mcllwain

It’s Day 16 of the Twenty Won in 21 series. Today we feature, I'm NOT Busy with Brave Women Project Founder Holly Mcllwain. Imagine facing major personal life-changing events, the type of events that knock you to your knees, as well as a professional one in a short timeframe. On top of it, your inaugural book is ready to launch, and the pandemic wipes out every one of your plans. What do you do? If you’re Holly Joy, you incorporate joy and you plan the Brave Women Project that turns into a business. Get Twenty Won: 21 Female Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Business Resilience During a Global Crisis here: Subscribe for more results, and resilience techniques & tips In the Twenty WON anthology, 21 strong, determined women entrepreneurs share their drive to jumpstart or start their businesses, keep their established businesses afloat, and raise funds for their nonprofit organizations...all during the year of COVID-19. Testimonies: Entrepreneurs will benefit... "Twenty Won won my heart! These high-energy, passionate women teach us how to succeed in following your dreams and living your authentic self. Entrepreneurs will benefit from this treasure trove of knowledge and experience. This book is required reading for anyone contemplating starting or expanding their business. Follow these leaders, and you will be on your own path to success!" Lisa Marie Bernardo Ph.D., M.P.H., R.N., C.E.P., C.C.E.T., 500-YT Owner of Fitness for Body, Mind, Spirit Insightful, thought-provoking, and entertaining... "Upon opening this book, I knew I would be inspired. However, it exceeded my expectations. As an author, radio personality, and business owner, I know we have many ups and downs as we navigate the waters to success, freedom, and happiness. But what drives us to make those decisions to take a leap and persevere no matter how high a wave comes at us? Jess Branas Host of Drinks with Jess Podcast CEO of Branas Enterprises I upload videos weekly with a new topic that will impact your communication, performance, and outcomes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out this video to find out why BOUNCING BACK is a mistake. This video describes Bounce-Up™ Watch the most recent video ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stay tuned: New Series Coming soon: The Grinch Video Series: How Poor Communication Stole Your Customers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Let's make some shifts to your communication that will improve your performance, results, and workplace resilience. These short videos will give you tips, quick fixes, examples, and next steps. You'll get the "why" and the "how" to make small shifts that will make a big impact in business and in life. This Channel provides game-changing fundamentals to strengthen your resilience, performance, and results. Let's face it. Life has a way of throwing unexpected roadblocks in your way. While you can't control life's face-plants, you can control how you Bounce-Up™. Subscribe and ring the bell to be notified of new videos being uploaded weekly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET YOUR FREE RESOURCES Grab Your Free Sales Toolkit at Want to improve your communication, productivity, and sales? Grab the sales toolkit! Grab Your Free Resilient Workplace Toolkit at Get FREE weekly tips and inspiration at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Connect with me on Social: IG: @MjCallawaySpeaker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out my new book, BOUNCE-UP™: OUTPOWER ADVERSITY, BOOST RESILIENCE, REBOUNCE HIGHER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for watching. Reach out: Email me at Learn more at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mj Callaway, CSP, CVP Mj is a pro at motivating people and organizations. She is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer known for shifting attitudes and converting strategies into results. A two-time cancer survivor, Mj is the only sales executive, working for a national building company, selling three times her quota during the last recession recovery. Her newly-published book, Bounce-Up: Outpower Adversity, Boost Resilience, Rebound Higher has been called an "easy read with high-impact value." DISCLAIMER: Some of the link above could contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission.
For She Who Leads, Holly Joy McIlwain:  Business Book Briefs 105
Shannon J. Gregg, PhD, MBA

For She Who Leads, Holly Joy McIlwain: Business Book Briefs 105

If you've had it up to here with books about how to be a better leader and none of them are practical, then you will love this book. Join Shannon J. Gregg, MBA, for a brief overview of business books geared towards sales management, sales operations, marketing, executive leadership. Today's book is "For She Who Leads: Practical Wisdom from a Woman Who Serves" by Holly Joy McIlwain, and I'm joined by Andrew Duncan, MBA, of Cloud Adoption Solutions for the review. I purchased my copy of Holly's book on Amazon; grab your copy here: Visit for more resources or to book Shannon to speak to your group. Shannon J. Gregg, PhD, MBA, is an aficionado of sales technology to increase efficiency in the sales process, and an early adopter and adoption influencer for sales technology systems, particularly and technology that integrates with the Salesforce platform. Shannon is known as a change agent, particularly in M&A environments (VC/PE), with successful track record of integrating process, product/service pricing and pricing methodologies, and notably, global teams, with cultural sensitivity. Having stood up three sales operations teams in technology firms, Shannon is no stranger to the needs of a growing company to identify efficient and effective sales process in order to drive revenue as quickly as possible. She’s hyper focused on improving sales productivity and optimization and is known for her ability to hone in on areas to improve with a lean approach, and her charismatic candor. Shannon’s the president of Cloud Adoption Solutions, a sales process and consulting practice, and she also provides keynote talks, consulting and workshops on sales productivity. Her popular book, “It’s About Time,” is available now, and is being used by sales teams across the country to refocus on what’s really important to drive revenue and results. Shannon delights sales teams, sales management, and executive sponsors with her ability to improve sales to drive results. She earned her BA from the University of Pittsburgh, her MBA in Management and her PhD in Community Engagement from Point Park University. Her dissertation topic was “How Diffusion of Innovations, Change Management, and Adult Learner User Adoption Theories Impact Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Adoption and Usage in Nonprofit Organizations.” She also competes on a jazz dance team for moms.
Women Who Lead with Holly McIlwain
South Hills Community Wellness

Women Who Lead with Holly McIlwain

South Hills Community Wellness Presents Holly McIlwain Contact South Hills Community Wellness @ Follow SHCW @ About the Presentation: What happens when women lead? A common misconception is that women who lead must lead like men. It’s common because the bias about women in leadership is that we are either BOSSY, BRASH, or some other 5 letter word that starts with a B. In reality, women in leadership must become brave. Brave enough to customize the leadership style based on the organization and the team they are leading. Brave enough to exercise both fortitude AND empathy. Brave enough to speak up, or wait in silence as everyone else in the room exhausts their capabilities and finally looks to her for the path forward. This kind of emotional intelligence, and personal awareness is uniquely possessed by women in the sheer design of our brains. We make decisions in a way that is quite different from our male counterparts, and once we discover how to leverage this strength, everything changes. Organizations become better. People become better.) In this session, we’ll talk about women who lead. We’ll look at the battles we fight because often times leadership is a disposition, not a title. For she who leads, the first battle is in answering the question, “Am I enough?” Beyond the initial question it becomes, “What is enough?” In answering these questions, we discover that we ARE enough. What happens when women lead? We become better. Speaker Biography: Holly McIlwain, MS, is the author of "For She Who Leads: Practical Wisdom from a Woman Who Serves", and Talent Development Partner for Winner Partners, a retained search firm specializing in a partnership model of getting the ungettable get. She also heads up Talent Management for Robert Morris University, is the mother of two little boys and a former South Hills resident. You can learn more by following the hashtag #bravewomanproject on your favorite social media platform. Looking for a copy of the book? It's available on Amazon, select book stores nationwide, and to you after the session directly from the author.
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