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Grief is painful. It hurts. Badly. We know.


What if we focused on grief as something that helps us grow wiser and more resilient?

What if we could embrace grief? At least hold its hand? Look at it closely? This is a book about good grief.


For She Who Grieves: Practical Wisdom for Living Hope is a collection of stories on the effects of grief and what comes next.


It's about steps taken and the power and challenges that can be found on the road from sadness to joy, between grief and relief.


Whether you're beginning your journey, well on your way, somewhere in between or even back again, there are ways to feel happy and be okay.


Whether you are the driver or a passenger, here you will find hope and connection.

This book is for the brave-hearted and open-minded.

This book is for she who grieves ... and believes in Joy.


"A must-read for anyone whose heart is open and willing to learn about loving their grief to heal their soul."

~PJ Jackson

Chief Empowerment Officer, Founder, and CEO of Positive Knowledge, LLC


"With wide-open honesty, vulnerability, and care, Amy and Holly accomplish the goal of bringing together both tenderness and tools for the grief, love, and hope in us all."

~Rachel Madorsky, LCSW

Author of How to Love Yourself in Less Than a Week and Also for the Rest of Your Life


"For She Who Grieves: Practical Wisdom for Living Hope compassionately and respectfully supports and activates the healing potential of others."

~Juliette Stapleton

Online Visibility Strategist, Marketing by Human Design Expert

For She Who Grieves: Practical Wisdom for Living Hope

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