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The best of both worlds! For special bundle pricing, purchase both books for only $25. 


In an unprecedented year, 21 women pivoted and persevered for success in 2021. These strong, determined women had the drive to start (and re-start) their businesses, they kept their established businesses afloat, and they raised awareness and funds for their nonprofit organizations... all during the year of COVID-19. Though 2020 presented so many unknowns in the entrepreneurial space, so much good was achieved too. Twenty Won is an anthology of 21 female business owners and nonprofit leaders sharing stories of business resilience during the 2020 global crisis. It is a celebration of those achievements to inspire and empower you to triumph over your trials too! Despite the challenges of 2020, Twenty Won!


This is the book that needs to be written. That begs to be read.

For She Who Leads: Practical Wisdom From A Woman Who Serves  tells the story of hard work. Lots of hard work. And of marriage, and children, and partnerships, and mentorships, and dreaming, and parenting, and success, and failure, and tears. It is the book that tells the truth about women who are leading--in business, in families, in communities all over the country. These women have largely been silent, so I will tell their stories. I've asked some of them to tell it in their own words, because words matter. Names matter. It all matters.

Buy the Bundle: For She Who Leads x Twenty Won

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