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When Women Lead

Updated: May 29, 2020

What happens when women lead? 

A common misconception is that women who lead must lead like men. It’s common because the bias about women in leadership is that we are either BOSSY, BRASH, or some other 5 letter word that starts with a B. In reality, women in leadership must become brave.  

Brave enough to customize the leadership style based on the organization and the team they are leading. Brave enough to exercise both fortitude AND empathy. Brave enough to speak up, or wait in silence as everyone else in the room exhausts their capabilities and finally looks to her for the path forward. This kind of emotional intelligence, and personal awareness is uniquely possessed by women in the sheer design of our brains. We make decisions in a way that is quite different from our male counterparts, and once we discover how to leverage this strength, everything changes. Organizations become better. People become better.

For she who leads, the first battle is in answering the question, “Am I enough?”  Beyond the initial question it becomes, “What is enough?” In answering these questions, we discover that we ARE enough. 

What happens when women lead? We become better.

Drop me a line and share your experience of being a woman who leads. I’d love to hear it:

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