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When Women Get Brave, They Use Brave Words

Introducing Debbi Sluys

Generous is my 2020 powerword.  Who knew in January what this year would bring?  Do we ever know?  Terminal illness, a car accident, relationship breakdowns have all been a part of my previous years.  We can’t change the events, but we can take control of our response and thereby create our outcome.  

E + R = O 

Event + Response = Outcome.  

Many only use the E = O but they are giving their “brave” away.  Your Response is your power! 

What is your Passion?  Pass - I - On.  Are you passing “You” “I” on?  You get to create your life as you positively impact those around you! 

Dream BIG, and use a BIG BRAVE word to give you clarity and focus!  Join Holly and I as we lead you through a fun, free workshop to uncover yours! 

Dream ~ Discover ~ Declare

Check out Debbi and Holly's conversation about their Brave Women Projects!

#Everything Matters

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